January 27, 2022

Lightning Fibre Ultra Fast Full Fibre Sale

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Lightning Fibre slashes the price of Ultra Fast Full Fibre Symmetrical Broadband Packages for Residents - use promo code 'SALE'.

Enjoy ultra fast speeds of 100Mbps or 500Mbps - GUARANTEED to the Modem - from Lightning Fibre, the brand new AltNet for East Sussex. Just register your interest or Order Online using Promo Code 'SALE' to lock in this great rate for a 24 month residential contract.

100Mbps was £29 per month, NOW £22 per month. 50% Set Up Fee (£50)

500Mbps was £54 per month, NOW £39 per month with FREE set up (was £100).

If the Fibre is not live on your street just yet, register your interest NOW and lock in this great deal for WHENEVER you switch. This promotion is locked in to your sales enquiry until you decide to redeem it with us.

If the Fibre is ready, you can switch online today, or call 01323 380260 and sign up over the phone. This is FTTP, zero copper and not reliant on the BT Openreach network.

Offer can be withdrawn at any time, at our discretion. Excludes 1 and 12 month contract terms and all business packages.

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