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Eastbourne Pier
full fibre network

Lightning Fibre is a brand new broadband network for East Sussex

We are a cutting edge, community minded full fibre network operator and ISP based in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Unlike a ‘fibre’ network, which may include old copper wire, we’re undertaking a major infrastructure upgrade in Eastbourne, Hastings, Hailsham and Heathfield to lay a brand new ‘full fibre’ broadband network that will eventually reach almost every home and business in these towns. This FTTP/FTTH (fibre to the premises / fibre to the home) network connects our street cabinets directly to your modem using fibre optic cables all the way. This is why our network is both hyper reliable and hyper fast.

If you’re frustrated by slow, unreliable internet speeds, poor customer service and prices that change during your contract, you’re going to want to take advantage of Lightning Fibre’s full fibre network. We are providing you with 100% full fibre broadband. We don’t use BT’s old phone lines with the slower copper cable that other providers currently use. Plus, we have a responsive, local customer service team based in East Sussex and we never increase our prices during your contract term.

We’re putting East Sussex at the front of the broadband revolution and giving our communities the connectivity support they deserve by building our own dedicated fibre optic network. No need for line rental anymore. Our full fibre packages start from 100Mbs upload and download.

Our full fibre network can actually deliver symmetric 10Gbps speeds for all, so it’s fully future proofed. If 10Gbps ever isn’t enough bandwidth, we’ll simply upgrade our optics and your modem, all without requiring any engineering or cabling change to the network. Tests show full fibre can deliver terabits of data per second already. So, we’re already way ahead of most other broadband providers.

Are you looking for a great new broadband deal? Do you need the fastest broadband in East Sussex? Fed up with poor broadband internet speeds? If we’ve already reached your area you can switch easily online. If we’re not in your area just yet please register online and our team will update you. In the meantime, it’s important not to commit to a long term contract with your current provider as this will stop you switching when the time comes. Typically, if you see our teams working along your street, we will be ready to connect your premises within a month or two.

If our construction team are working in your area right now and you have an issue or require access to your property, the best thing to do is to speak with a member of the construction team and they’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, if you’d like to notify us of any issues, you can email or call us on 01323 380260.

Now you know who we are and what we offer...

If you’re interested in joining Lightning Fibre and getting 100% full fibre broadband, here is what to do:

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Enter your postcode to check if your address is ready to connect to our full fibre broadband network. If it’s not, please register your interest for updates.
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Choose the perfect Lightning Fibre broadband package for your home or business.
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Pick a convenient install date and time. A pre-install survey may be required; if that’s the case we’ll let you know.
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Complete your Direct Debit mandate - no need for a paper form, you can do everything online. If a setup fee is due, we’ll take that before installation and your first monthly service subscription will be taken once you’re live.
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A Lightning Fibre community engager will give you a call prior to your install day. Our engineers will come to your home or business and connect the fibre from our street cabinet directly into your premises. We’ll connect the modem and you’ll then be ready to enjoy the power of full fibre broadband.
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We’re Live – enjoy your new hyper fast and hyper reliable full fibre network. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! (You’ll need to give 30 days’ notice and pay for your final month. Just check your contract first. We give you a month’s free service [Home Broadband only] to cover the switch over period).

Community Benefits

We’re not only bringing you our 100Mbps - 10Gbps service as standard, we’re also delivering it at an incredible price (1). We beat the mainstream providers' ‘Ultrafast’ packages which give you slower speeds – especially when it comes to uploads.

  • We’re a local employer - based in Eastbourne, East Sussex and provide all our customer support locally – no call centres abroad or faraway, we’re all in East Sussex.
  • Whether you're homeworkers, online gamers - downloading the latest game or families streaming their favourite shows - you’ll now enjoy faster speeds and increased reliability, the like of which hasn’t been seen in East Sussex before.
  • Our full fibre optic network uses 88% less greenhouse gas emissions per 1Gbps when compared to other access technologies (3). Helping to protect and improve the  environment in East Sussex.
  • The connectivity our hyperfast full fibre network provides will encourage new companies to invest into the area, creating more local jobs and generating additional tax revenue for our councils, which goes towards local community services.
  • Research (2) shows that once an area has a full fibre 1Gbps network, property prices and local economies are positively impacted. Imagine what Lightning Fibres’ 10Gbps network could bring…
  • Plus, Lightning Fibre is fully committed to benefiting the community we all work and live in; we are continuing to sponsor & take part in local clubs & events, as well as donate to charities in East Sussex.
4k streaming

Did you know?...

An increasing number of TV shows & sports events can now be streamed in ultra clear 4K. Streaming service providers, like the BBC, say you need a stable connection of at least 40Mbps to watch these programmes on just one device in 4K. Currently the average East Sussex internet connection from other providers (3) can’t manage this.

Plus, chances are on a daily basis you have a constant struggle with all the devices in your home competing for the same connection. Lightning Fibre’s service ends this problem - you can watch the BBC and any other content in 4K, while everyone else in the house can also get online.


1. £60/1,000Mbps= 6p per Mbps.
For comparison BT Superfast Fibre Avg36Mbps – Dec 2019:  
During offer period = 84p per Mbps
Post offer period = £1.06 per Mbps
2. FTTH Council Europe Report - - Page 28
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