Customer Charter

We are committed to creating local employment, using local suppliers where possible and investing in the towns we serve. By choosing our locally-based services, you are making a difference to your community.

Our customers are not just a number, each one matters; we really do care. Our Customer Charter outlines how we put this pledge into action.

We treat every customer fairly, with respect and dignity and as an individual. Our team will support any change in circumstance brought to our attention in a constructive and efficient manner.

  • Price Promise: We will never increase your price during your fixed contract period. We do not impose unfair inflationary price rises on our customers. If our published prices decrease, we invite existing customers to contact us to review their contract price and term. (Excludes offers).
  • Community connections: We are happy to connect not for profit community spaces for free, ensuring our local communities can access a free gigabit-broadband services. Just contact us to discuss.
  • Out of contract: You’ll usually pay less during a fixed term agreement period, so when it’s coming to an end we will write to you letting you know what you're paying and your options. If you decide to remain out of a fixed term contract, we will remind you annually and send you our latest deals which could save you money.
  • Moving home: Moving out of an area we serve? We will terminate your fixed term contract early without financial penalty with 30 days' notice if you move home and we cannot connect your new property to our network.  
  • Help with your bill: If you find yourself in a situation where you are struggling to pay your bills, please let us know. We can review things together and agree a manageable payment plan or reduce your package to a lower price / speed based on your individual circumstances, even if it’s just temporary. You can also contact Citizen's Advice for confidential advice online, over the phone, and in person, for free.
  • Complaint Resolution: Ultimately, if we cannot resolve your issue, we are members of Ombudsmen Services, and they will handle your complaint through to resolution.

Vulnerable Customers

We treat all our customers fairly and with respect. We pledge to listen to, help, advise and support our vulnerable customers as best we can. You can notify us of circumstances that make you temporarily or permanently ‘vulnerable’ so that we can offer you the appropriate extra help or support or meet any specific accessibility or customer service needs.

​Things that might mean you require ​extra support may include:

Your age;

A physical disability;

A learning disability;

A physical illness;

A mental illness;

Literacy or Communication challenges;

A change in circumstances, including bereavement or job loss;

Financial difficulties.

​We store certain personal data on our database, including some ‘protected characteristics’, with your consent; this is so that our staff will be aware of your circumstances when you contact us or we contact you. Relevant data is collected and stored securely in accordance with our privacy policy.

We will occasionally check your circumstances with you to ensure that the information we hold about you is relevant and up to date. You can request information about what data we hold at any time, and you can also ask us to delete it.

​​If you have any questions about this policy or wish to let us know that you are a ‘vulnerable customer’ please call 01323 380260, email