Advertising Verifications

We believe in transparent and truthful advertising. Any claims made in printed, online, Radio or TV adverts are listed below. We are happy to rectify anything that is misleading or unclear, please contact us to discuss (01323 380260).

"The UK's Best Consumer ISP"

Date: November 9th 2023

Claim(s): The UK's Best Consumer ISP"


At the 2023 Internet Service Providers' Association Awards (ISPA) we won the Best Consumer ISP (with fewer than 50,000 customers) Award.

This award applies until the next award ceremony in November 2024.

"The fastest broadband technology"

Claim(s): The fastest broadband technology available in East Sussex


The Lightning Fibre network is a symmetric network delivering guaranteed speeds of over 2,000Mbps for residential customers and up to 10,000Mbps for business customers, based on the package chosen. Therefore, this network delivers faster speeds than the other technologies (eg. copper/fibre), and is faster than some alternative Full Fibre networks (for example, Openreach Full Fibre).