Virtual Landline

'Lightning Voice' gives you a cost-effective digital alternative to a copper-based landline, from just £7 per month incl VAT.
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Virtual Landlines

Say goodbye to your outdated, expensive copper-based landline.

VoIP technology allows you to make voice calls over broadband internet, rather than through a traditional, analogue connection.

The difference is behind the scenes. Instead of transmitting through a physical pair of copper wires, VoIP utilizes the internet to transmit voice calls.

Number Porting

Many people wish to retain their current phone number. No problem. We can do that for you, for a one off fee of £12 incl VAT.

'Number porting' is simply the process of moving a telephone number from one communications provider to another.

The length of time it takes to move a number from one provider to another depends on several factors, but will typically takes a few weeks. Your current and new provider (us) take care of the number porting on your behalf.

Still have questions? Check out our Virtual Landline FAQ's

Lightning Voice £7 pcm

Our basic plan gives you a Virtual Landline service, and each time you make a call you pay 'per minute' (£0.10 per min incl VAT). This includes UK Landlines and Mobiles.

Lightning Voice Plus £16 pcm

Our 'unlimited' plan includes call charges to UK landlines and mobile phones. Terms and Conditions apply. Please speak to our Sales Team on 01323 380260 to find out more.

At this time, you can not call International and Premium rate numbers using Lightning Voice.

Call charges will apply to any single call that remains connected for more than 1 hour.


Please note that the Lightning Voice service requires a working broadband connection and will therefore not work in the event of a power or network outage - another method, such as a mobile phone, must be available for use in an emergency. If you rely on a home support or monitoring system, Lightning Voice may not be suitable for your requirements at this time.