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Will my Calls service still work if there is a power cut?

No. Lightning Voice and Lightning Voice Plus require a working broadband connection and electricity to power the router. If there is a broadband failure or power cut, Lightning Voice and Lightning Voice Plus will not work. 

In case of an emergency, you must always have another means of making calls, such as a mobile phone with a good signal, to contact the emergency services.

I'm an existing broadband customer and want to add a call plan, how do I do this?

Please call us on 01323 380260. If you add Lightning Voice and Lightning Voice Plus to your contract, the minimum service period for the whole service will renew at that point (unless you are on a social tariff).

Can I buy Lightning Voice or Voice Plus if I am not a Lightning Fibre Broadband customer?

No. Lightning Voice and Lightning Voice Plus is an additional service to Lightning Fibre Broadband users. It cannot be purchased without also purchasing our Broadband service. 

Can I choose my phone number?

The number will be assigned entirely at random, and we are unable to modify or choose the number. It will include the relevant 'area' code for your property.

What does my call plan include?

Lightning Voice - this is effectively as pay as you go package, costing £0.10 per minute to make calls. If you make calls to another Lightning Voice number, the calls are free on this package.

Lightning Voice Plus includes ‘unlimited’ calls to UK landline and mobile numbers (01, 02, 03 and 07) excluding Channel Island numbers, as well as UK Emergency services and UK freephone numbers. Please note that you are unable to dial international or premium-rate numbers.  Unlimited calls are limited to one hour per call, so if you make long calls, to ensure the call remains free, you would need to hang up and reconnect after one hour. 

Do I need a new phone handset to use your service?

No, you can use your existing handset. The service uses a phone adapter (provided free of charge) that plugs into your Lightning Fibre router and then to your existing telephone handset. However, if you don't already use a handset then you will need to purchase one. Lightning Fibre do not supply handsets. 

If you are already a broadband customer and you add VoIP, we will send your adapter by post within 5 working days of your order. If you buy VoIP at the same time as Broadband, this will be provided with your router.

Do I get all the same features I have with my current phone provider? Voicemail, call waiting etc?

Yes, all the features you had previously are also available with Lightning Voice and Lightning Voice Plus. 

Reject all calls (do not disturb)

*261* activate

#261# deactivate

Reject anonymous calls

*227* activate

#227# deactivate

Withhold caller ID (if you have ID withheld function turned off)

141, followed by the number you want to call

Release Caller ID (if you have ID withheld function turned on)

1470, followed by the number you want to call

Turn on Caller ID Withheld function 

*141* activate

#141# deactivate

Announce last caller ID


Erase last caller ID


Activate Voicemail

*1571* activate

#1571# deactivate

Access Voicemail


Call forwarding

*21* activate

#21# deactivate 

Will I get a new number with my phone package?

If you choose not to keep your existing telephone number, you will be given a new telephone number which will be emailed to you after you've been installed.

If any of your questions have not been answered above, or you require further support, simply get in touch with our team via 01323 380260 (8am - 8pm daily).

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, we can offer a number porting service for £12 including VAT (one off charge). Number porting can take a few weeks, you can use your new virtual landline phone service whilst we port your old number. 

‍I have sockets in various rooms, for example a bedroom or home office; will these sockets work?

Our system does not link to the BT/ Openreach equipment in your home so no, these sockets will not work with Lightning Voice and Lightning Voice Plus. Cordless phones will work throughout the property as long as the base unit is plugged into the Lightning Fibre router. (They will not work in the event of a power cut or network outage). 

Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you read our Terms and Conditions for the legal aspects of the Agreement you will be entering into if you purchase Lightning Voice and Lightning Voice Plus, including how to terminate your Agreement. 

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