Get Full Fibre for your Building or Private Road

Get connected to our future-proofed full fibre broadband network. Check your postcode below.
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Increase the value of your property with Full Fibre connectivity with Lightning Fibre Broadband.

A Full Fibre broadband connection will increase the value of and demand for your property. As we expand our network across East Sussex we’re inviting Home Owners in MDUs (Multiple Dwelling Units), Landlords and managing agents to contact us to arrange to get your property connected to our hyper fast, hyper reliable network.

Live on a private road? Contact us to get the ball-rolling (as we will need to gain legal access rights to the land).


If you live in a rental property, or a Leasehold flat, we will need the owner’s consent (a signed wayleave) before we can install our network into your building. As most Landlords / Freeholders realise that a Full Fibre connection increases the value of the property and improves the experience for residents, they mostly agree to us installing our network to their building.

We will ensure that any work carried out is completed in line with the requirements of the Landlord. Just get in touch with the relevant contact information (the name, number of the Landlord or Managing Agent) and we’ll do the rest.

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Landlords and Managing Agents – MDUs

We proactively liaise with the Landlords and Managing Agents of MDUs in the areas of our network build. As our network reaches your building, our Community Engagement Team will reach out to secure the required Landlord consent (a signed wayleave) to enable us to install our new network.

If you’re a Landlord or Managing Agent and you’d like to initiate the installation of Full Fibre to your MDU, just give us a call or email us.  We’ll come and do a no obligation Site Survey and send you a full installation proposal to get your building connected, often at no cost to you or your tenants/residents. We’ll work with you closely to ensure the installation meets your requirements, and then let each resident know we’re ready to connect their home to our network.

Where appropriate, we can provide marketing materials (pop up banners, posters, etc) and hand deliver letters to each home to let them know how to get connected. We also welcome the opportunity to send an email, via your administration team, to inform residents of our service.

Private Land

We can only build on/across private land with the written consent of the land owner / freeholder(s). Please contact us by email or phone and we’ll start the process of securing the permission required to bring Full Fibre connectivity to your home or business. This includes Industrial Estates.

Property Developers

Working with Lightning Fibre prior to starting your build is the most effective way of bringing Full Fibre to your new development, at little or no cost to you. So, the sooner we start talking the better! People buying a new build expect reliable Full Fibre connectivity from day one, and our locally operated network – with locally-based installation and customer service teams – makes Lightning Fibre the perfect partner for your next development.

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