October 11, 2021

Hailsham Active Sports Club Liaison Project, sponsored by Lightning Fibre

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Hailsham Active Sports Club Liaison Project, sponsored by Lightning Fibre (Hyperfast Broadband)

Local sports clubs in the area have been approached directly about facilities, equipment and funding needs. Information has also gone out on social media. Apart from the practical help and advice for clubs, Hailsham Active is keen to create even stronger links with clubs through this liaison work. A local sport’s club directory is being created and updated for the Hailsham Active website.In the first week over 20 clubs have been contacted, and many have already responded, giving invaluable views on the needs for sports facilities in the are. The proposed facilities for both outdoor and indoor sports, will enable individual sports to grow, and also to ensure that local people have access to sport and physical activity to tackle fitness and mental health and well being. A lot of interest has been shown because this first liaison is to find out what sport’s facilities local clubs want to see on a plot of land being earmarked by Wealden District Council for this purpose. It’s a real opportunity to make a significant change in the futures of many sports clubs in and around Hailsham, and it’s good to work hand in hand with the clubs on the proposed development.

In addition, a first club funding bid is being developed, via the Lightning Fibre sponsorship, to enable a local sports club, which has been seriously affected by the pandemic and restrictions over 18 months, almost to the point of closure, to relaunch. The Hailsham Active Fun Run, which was last organised in the 1990’s, is also bidding for funds via the Lightning Fibre sponsorship to stage a number of public runs around Hailsham in 2022. The different runs will enable everyone to participate, whether an individual with visual impairment, in a wheelchair, a toddler with a parent, a sports club team, through to elite runners.

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