February 28, 2023

Star of Britain’s Got Talent, Lorraine Bowen, Visits Lightning Fibre

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Let nobody tell you that there is ever a dull day at Lightning Fibre! Last week we proved that there isn’t, when one of the least expected things happened on what our workers thought would be an ordinary Thursday in their Eastbourne office.

She arrived in secret and was snuck in via the back entrance so that the full effect of the surprise could be felt.

Our Customer Support colleague Karen Anderson was to celebrate a milestone birthday, so what better way to celebrate than to have alady in a tin foil dress and feather bower play ‘The Birthday Song’ on an ironing board?

We can’t think of one either.

‘The Birthday Song’ was swiftly followed by ‘The Crumble Song’, and dancing and merriment ensued.

Who is Lorraine Bowen, and why her?

Lorraine Bowen is an Eastbourne resident and customer of Lightning Fibre and was happy to endorse our company on social media.

She captured the hearts of the nation back in 2015 when she starred in Britain’s Got Talent. Getting all the way through to the semi-finals with her famous ‘Crumble Song’ and ‘The Space Song’, she became a popular contestant known for exuberant, kitsch performances filled with comedy gold.

Sadly not making it to the final, she is still well remembered by many and continues with performances today, maintaining a strong presence on social media. Find her on Instagram #bowen707 ✨🥳🎉

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