March 3, 2021

Our Top Ten Reasons to Switch your Broadband

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Here at Lightning Fibre we’re more than just a hyper fast and hyper reliable full fibre network operator and internet service provider, in fact we can give you loads of great reasons to switch your broadband. But, these are our Top Ten reasons to switch your broadband.

So, if you’re trying to find the best broadband deal in your area, if you’re experiencing poor broadband speeds or inadequate customer service with your current ISP, it’s time to take a look at Lightning Fibre’s brand new, local network.

If you would like to talk to one of our Community Engagers just call 01323 380260 or email

We’re transforming Eastbourne and Hastings into some of the world’s best connected towns. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s a fact. When we’re finished, our new network will reach almost every home and business in these two towns.

So, how do you get this amazing new network?

If we’re already in your area, you can order online. If we are almost there, you can pre-order online and if it’s going to be more than a few months, you can register your interest and we’ll keep you updated.

If you’re under contract, don’t worry, we may be able to connect you now or very soon for no extra cost, so it’s definitely worth talking to us now to get the ball rolling.

So, here are our Top Ten reasons to switch your broadband….

Number One


Our brand new, symmetric Full Fibre Broadband offers upload and download speeds from 100Mbps to 10,000Mbps. How? Well, because it’s a Full Fibre (FTTP/FTTH) network it contains no old copper wire. We connect the Fibre to our street cabinet and from there we connect the cabinet to your home, using fibre optic all the way through the network. It’s hyper fast, and hyper reliable.

Our full fibre network can deliver symmetric 10Gbps speeds for all and is fully future proofed. If 10Gbps ever isn’t enough bandwidth, we’ll simply upgrade our optics and your modem, all without requiring any engineering or cabling change to the network.

Number Two


Copper has a very limited bandwidth – while fibre provides standardized performance up to 10Gbps and beyond. Fibre links provide over 1,000 times as much bandwidth as copper and can travel more than 100 times further.

Fibre optic cable is much less susceptible than copper cable to various environmental factors, such as temperature and electro-magnetic fluctuations. Copper will experience a great deal of degradation in quality over a distance of two kilometers, whereas a fibre optic cable over the same distance can provide extremely reliable data transmission.

And for Gamers, with less jitter and lower latency, you’re more likely to win your games with a full fibre connection. No wonder demand is so high amongst the gaming community. Many online games are simply unplayable without a gigabit-connection.

Number Three

We’re local

In 2018, our CEO Ben Ferriman was so frustrated with Eastbourne’s rubbish broadband that he set out to create a new network that was up to the job! Lightning Fibre was born. With funding secured in 2020, our construction accelerated in Eastbourne and Hastings. New areas are also under consideration.

We’re a truly ‘local network’ using local construction teams, local installers, local customer service staff - and local suppliers, including Vehicle Wrapping by SignTech.

Read more About Us here.

Number Four

Our Price Promise

Unlike most big ISPs we do not increase your prices during your contract term. So, what you sign up for is what you pay. We think that’s only fair, right?

Our home broadband starts from just £29 per month plus set up fee, and business broadband starts at £35 plus VAT and set up fee.

Plus, if you move out of the area during your contract to an area that we do not cover, there’s no penalty whatsoever in terminating your agreement with us.

Number Five

The Environment

High speed, high capacity full fibre broadband could help drive a reduction in global carbon emissions by up to a fifth by underpinning low carbon solutions across transportation, energy, computing, construction, building management, health and education.

Independent research shows that a full fibre optic network uses 88% less greenhouse gas emissions per 1Gbps when compared to other access technologies.

Number Six

A Better Local Economy

The connectivity our hyperfast full fibre network provides will encourage new companies to invest into the area, creating more local jobs and generating additional tax revenue for our councils, which goes towards local community services.

A faster and more reliable broadband network also makes the area more attractive to home buyers and those looking to relocate. In fact, last year alone we saw a 15% increase in the number of people moving out of London to relocate to Eastbourne.

Number Seven

Happy Customers

Our customers rate us Excellent on Trust Pilot. As a local business that relies on goodwill and word of mouth, it’s vital that our customer service levels far exceed expectations, each and every time. Our excellent rating shows that we’re achieving just that.

Number Eight

Local Employment

Our local infrastructure upgrade is one of the largest and most important of a generation. Not only does this mean tens of millions being invested in construction, it also creates lots of local jobs - across construction, installation, administration, customer service and sales.

By choosing a local network, you are investing back directly in your local area. When you buy from a big, national supplier, that isn’t the case.

Number Nine

Good Causes

We sponsor grassroots football teams, local good causes and events. We look forward to sharing more details with you, and we’ll be more active in the local communities we serve when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

We’re also active members of the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce (who we also supply with a hyper fast 1Gb Business broadband service) and Hastings Chamber of Commerce. Local Chambers of Commerce help businesses thrive by creating a strong network of support and we’re proud members of the local Chambers in the towns we serve.

Number Ten

Higher House Prices

Would you buy a house with poor broadband? No, well you’re not alone. Research shows that once an area has a full fibre 1Gbps network, property prices and local economies are positively impacted.

An independent poll found that 54.7% would reject an ideal house if it couldn’t deliver their desired speed, a third seek 100Mbps+ and many would be willing to pay extra for a house in order to get it.

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