March 3, 2022

Internet for Home buyers - speed matters!

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Internet for Home buyers - speed matters!


Home buyers these days are far savvier to the need for great, high-speed internet connections than in the past. With new highs in prospective homeowners asking questions about internet speed, estate agents must be prepared to answer them.


Broadband speeds of 300Mbps are being sought by 34% of buyers, while 23% are looking for 1Gbps, according to research by Omdia for Huawei. Only a Full Fibre broadband connection can deliver these Ultra or Hyper fast speeds. Old copper/fibre networks just can't get these speeds, nor are they as reliable as a new full fibre network.


Across the UK, the factors that home buyers consider to be important do vary; but, most agree that 'fast internet speeds' are now a major concern. In more rural areas, particularly Scotland and Wales, high internet speeds have become the top concern. In London, the concerns are more related to property size and value, yet internet speeds in London are already known to be considerably better in most areas. Lightning Fibre are 'levelling-up' East Sussex with a high quality full fibre network delivering speeds up to 10,000Mbps.

A third of estate agents claimed that 'speeds of more than 300Mbps' can increase the sale price of a property by as much as £5,000.


The effect of COVID-19 and the requirement to self-isolate for many, and to work from home for many more, had a huge impact on the mentality of the nation. Our needs have changed, in so many ways, and we are aware that sudden changes can impact on us in ways we never imagined before the pandemic.


As a result, the average person now uses more data in the home. Some have realised that it is easier to work from home and many businesses have realised that it's better those employees are not in the office every day. Students are also much more likely to study from home, rather than in the classroom.


These are the concerns of nearly every home buyer, especially because a new feeling that the world is a little bit more unstable than it used to appear.


Many people have families with children who are using the internet more than ever. Children have become huge consumers of broadband internet and the parents are very concerned with how they can feed the hunger for more data.


Gigabit-broadband is more important than ever in all our lives and so it seems will have an impact on the housing market. What's more, our future-proofed network can deliver multiple-gigabits symmetrically, meeting our needs today and in the future.

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