November 13, 2020

One thing gamers hate is losing!

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The UK’s gaming-community exceeds 35 million people, and it continues to rise each year.One thing’s for certain, most of these gamers will have been frustrated at some point in their lives by an unstable internet connection. A fast and reliable internet connection is essential for good gaming. It’s the difference between winning and losing.


And one thing gamers hate, is losing.

With next-gen consoles right around the corner, and games consistently hitting 4K resolutions, digital downloads are getting bigger and bigger and updates are huge. With Lightning Fibre’s full fibre broadband you can download an average AAA game in under 6 minutes.

With EastSussex average speeds of 27.5Mbps, our full fibre packages start from 100Mbps upload and download. (The recommended minimum for all gamers is a broadband service with an average download speed of at least 35Mb).


Without a hyper fast (full fibre) broadband, going all-online with the PS5 DigitalEdition won’t be possible.

Whether you’re casual or hardcore, PC or console, fast broadband is an essential weapon for today’s gamers. Low Latency (or ‘ping time’)  - the response time of a connection is essential for online gaming, as high latency introduces delays which put you at a huge disadvantage.

Excessive ‘jitter’ - how much your latency changes from moment to moment- can render an online game unplayable.

As well as low latency, a key feature of full fibre broadband is that there is plenty of bandwidth to go around even the busiest of homes. No matter who else is online in your home, your high speeds will not change. The same cannot be said for fibre networks which still rely on some old copper wiring.


So, whether you’re casual or hardcore, PC or console; you want to be the nextTwitch star; or, you’re losing games through high latency or excessive jitter, full fibre broadband from Eastbourne’s Lightning Fibre is the essential weapon for today’s gamers.

Image Credit: Bigstock/snowing

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