January 10, 2023

Lightning Fibre – Improving Britain’s Broadband Standing

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With average download speeds in the UK ranking only 55th in the world, Lightning Fibre’s speeds are a refreshing change to the usual poor service. The UK ranks not only below the US and Russia, but also Uruguay, Philippines and Moldova.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Britons have taken to either partly or fully working from home, which makes a reliable, fast and secure internet connection even more vital than ever before. Paired with the increase in usage of broadband for entertainment, education, security, and health it has become essential that we overhaul our outdated copper network. Streaming services have become a part of almost everyone’s life and internet speeds are therefore key to the UK’s overall efficiency.

Bearing this in mind, the latest international comparison by communications regulator Ofcom showing the UK’s average speed a slow as 73.21Mbps, makes grim reading. Especially as Chile, at the top of the ratings, averages at 216.46Mbps. The USA ranks as 6th best average speed at 186Mbps, still far higher than our own.

It is clear that the network here is in dire need of upgrading as quickly as possible if we are to stay in step with the rest of the global community. The UK government has made several statements to that effect over the last few years, but change appears to occur slowly.

Surprisingly, Ofcom reports that people in the UK tend to use more data than any other country. Each person in the UK uses 183.63GB month on average, whereas the US for example only use 171.9GB.

This is where Lightning Fibre comes in. A regional company focussed on the South East of England, Lightning Fibre is fast building a Full Fibre network, replacing the old copper one. The copper network in the region can be up to 100 years old in places. The new network contributes to the overall ranking of the UK average speeds, and since the speeds on the Lightning Fibre network are far higher than the UK average, Lightning Fibre is helping to increase the national standing.

Full Fibre connections, like Lightning Fibre, are Hyperfast: capable of delivering download speeds of up to one gigabit per second (1000 megabits per second). That should be fast enough to download a high-definition film in under a minute!

(Source: Speedtest Global Index)

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