March 3, 2023

How Long Do The Newest Games Take to Download in 2023 ?

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For decades, being a gamer didn’t require an internet connection. Simply pop in the cartridge or disk and away you go. But now, not only is it almost impossible to game without an internet connection, a decent internet connection is needed at that. With some game file sizes surpassing 200GB, you’d need a broadband package that’s ultrafast if you want to start playing it within a few hours of purchasing, which unfortunately can often come with a larger monthly price tag.

So for those relying on cheaper internet connections, who can only obtain modest speeds, the Uswitch broadbandexperts reveal the 20 most popular games for quick download times, so you can avoid wasting time and get back to gaming without breaking the bank.

Below is USwitch's study which includes an expert quote and tips on how to get the most out of a cheaper broadband package.

Most Popular Games With Quick Download Times(Games under 1GB)

20 Most Popular Games WithQuick Download Times (Games under 10GB)

Max Beckett, Uswitch broadband expert, says: 

“Many of the most popular games released in recent years have come with huge file sizes,sometimes totalling 200GB. These games can take hours, sometimes days to download depending on your internet connection - so the idea of simply purchasing a game and playing it instantly isn’t the norm anymore.  

For households on slower broadband speeds of 10 - 30Mbps (where a 200GB game could take 1-2 daysto download), waiting for a game to download can be agonising, and evenoff-putting. Plus, it can limit broadband speeds for other people in thehousehold who are using the internet too.

However, if you’re on abudget, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck with much longer download times than average. Widely available cheap broadband deals can still come with superfast internet speeds up to 60Mbps. And some smaller providers offer ultrafast packages of 100Mbps and higher at similar prices too - but they will need to be available at your home in order to use.

So by regularly comparing cheap broadband deals in your area, you can still find speeds that’ll let you download large games injust a few hours. This will help to get you playing on the day you’ve bought the game, and ensure that everyone else in your home can still do what they need to online.”

Tips on how to get the most out of your current broadband speed:

1.    Pause internet use on other devices: If you want your game to download as fast as possible, ensure that anything else that could be using up your internet bandwidth is stopped or temporarily turned off. This includes things like TV streaming, video calls or program updates on another device. However, if other people in your household need to use the internet during that time, you may just need to be patient.

2.    Move your router to a better location: Having your router in a central, open part of your home will helpto give you the strongest possible Wi-Fi signal across your home. Ensure thatit’s upright, facing outward, and unobstructed by walls and furniture. It’s also best that it’s plugged into a master socket, rather than an extension cord.

3.    Schedule your downloads: Trying to download agame at the same time as others in your household are using their devices will take longer, and it might disrupt what they’re doing online. So try picking atime when you know that only you are relying on the internet to maximise your download speed. This goes for your neighbours too - internet speeds can sometimes be slower in peak usage times (usually 8-10 p.m.), so you might have more luck downloading overnight if you can.

4.    Don’t assume cheap means slow:Some of the cheapest broadband deals out there still have superfast speeds of 60Mbps. So make sure to compare deals at various prices to see if you could upgrade your speed for a similar price to what you’re currently paying..

Sources & Methodology:

  • 'Standard' broadband packages in the UK use ADSL technology and so transmit data over the existing Openreach phone/copper network. This means standard broadband is widely available, though average download speeds are just 10-11 megabits per second (Mbps):
  • The list was compiled by taking the most popular games (by the peak number of players in the last 24 hours) on Steam as recorded by SteamDB, captured on 22 Feb 2023.
  • Games were then filtered to those with download sizes less than 1GB and 10GB according to SteamDB - this figure is for Windows versions, and excludes downloads for content such as DLC, extra languages. Games included may use the internet for online play but those that require a significant post-install download were removed.
  • Time to download assumes a 10 megabit connection.

Original Article by Linda Dodge, Content Executive at USwitch

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