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Referral Scheme

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Get FREE, Unlimited Broadband with Lightning Fibre.

Too good to be true? It’s almost as unbelievable as our AMAZING hyper fast speeds and reliability! But, just like our lightning-fast speeds, this offer is true.

Our ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme gives our active customers the chance to enjoy unlimited, free broadband.

What’s more, any new customers who sign up using your special code will enjoy 1 months’ free broadband, no matter which package or contract term they opt for.

How it works

Just ask us our Community Engagement Team for your unique customer referral code – give this to your friends and family; when they sign up, they use this code to claim their free month of broadband and it links their purchase to your customer profile.  We will automatically credit your account with 1 free month for each new customer.*

Terms and Conditions

‘Refer a friend’ is open to active residential customers on either a 12 or 24 month fixed term contract with Lightning Fibre only.
This scheme has no ‘cash value’ – we apply a discount to your active contract. That discount cannot be exchanged for cash.
If you terminate your contract, any future credits are forfeited at the date of cancellation. Refer a friend future credits cannot be used applied to cancellation fees or any associated costs as per our standard terms and conditions.
This scheme excludes Business Broadband packages.
This scheme is valid for customers on a fixed term 12 or 24 month contract only.
The scheme offers unlimited discounts during your fixed contract (12 or 24 month) term. If you have future credits, these will be forfeited if your contract ends and you do not renew; ie. Future credits cannot be applied to a monthly rolling contract. If you renew your fixed term contract (12 or 24 months) your credits will be carried forward and applied to your new contract term.
We have the right to withdraw this offer from any individual at any time without notice at our entire discretion. In this event, your Refer a Friend code will be terminated. Future credits earned up to that date will be unaffected and will be applied to your account.
For the new customer, no other offers or discounts apply.

*If the new customer terminates their agreement with us prior to 60 days’ service, we will re-apply the discount to your account as a debit.