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What is fibre?

At Lightning Fibre, we believe in a future where everyone can access hyper fast and hyper reliable, and affordable symmetric Full Fibre broadband.

At its simplest, Full Fibre is the next generation of broadband. It uses fibre optic cables to transmit data at light-speeds, directly into the modem in your home.

This means that Full Fibre delivers lightning-fast download and upload speeds, directly benefiting your TV and gaming experiences, as well as ensuring smooth and high-quality video calls.

With Full Fibre, multiple devices can be connected at the same time so more people can have good quality connectivity at the same time.

It’s also more reliable and delivers faster speeds than the old copper-based networks, so you can enjoy the very best online experience. Eventually, the old copper technology will be switched off. You can read more about it here.

Want to know more?

We’re working with Complete Technology Group (Complete Fibre) to help more people living in The South East learn more about Full Fibre and the benefits it brings for you and those living in your home.

We’re happy to chat and answer any questions you have around what Full Fibre is and you may need it – 01323 38026 (Mon-Sun 8am  8pm, closed Christmas Day)

Why Choose Lightning Fibre

🚀 Lightning-Fast Speed: Get ready for internet speeds at an affordable price. Stream, game, work, and learn without any delays or buffering.

🔒 Rock-Solid Reliability: With a more reliable and faster broadband service, you can access the internet, video call friends and family, download films, books and play video games, faster.

💰 Affordable - Lightning Fibre offers competitive pricing, giving you incredible value for your money, including a Social Tariff for people on means-tested benefits (find out MORE HERE)

🌐 The Safest Possible Way: Your safety and data security are our priorities. We provide full fibre internet in the safest possible way, ensuring your online experience is worry-free.

What We Offer

💻 Residential Plans: Lightning Fibre offers a variety of residential plans designed to meet your unique needs, you can access the internet, video call friends and family, download films, books and play video games, faster.

📶 Coverage: Check if Lightning Fibre is available in your area and start enjoying the benefits of full fibre internet.

Join us in building a future where internet connectivity is, fast? reliable, and affordable. Take the first step towards enjoying a better online experience today.