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Pevensey Levels

The Problem

We've been approached by a few homes and businesses both around Priesthawes Farms, Hankham, Westham and Pevensey, who are struggling with poor broadband reliability (drop outs) and slow speeds.

The Solution

Lightning Fibre - Full Fibre broadband. We deliver speeds in excess of 1Gb (1,000Mb) in both upload and download to everyone and can go all the way up to 10Gb from day 1.

At present we have a few homes and businesses who've asked for help and as a registered DCMS Rural Gigabit Voucher supplier, we're able to -[through your registration of interest for our service]- call upon a contribution of £2,500 per home and £4,500 per business. The build cost is significant and the rural gigabit voucher scheme will not cover all of the costs. This scheme is demand led and require you and your neighbours registrations of interest to make this happen. We don’t want your homes and businesses to be left behind.

Lightning Fibre, with each and every registration we receive, are able to apply on your behalf to DCMS for this contribution. This allows us to get started, building our Full Fibre broadband network directly to you. We are reimbursed only after you are successfully installed and connected. DCMS will then send you a link to confirm that you are indeed connected.

Register Your Interest

Pevensey Levels Area Map

Homes and businesses within the blue area is eligible for Rural Gigabit Voucher offer.

Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme (GVS) Bespoke Offer!

We understand some of you are light users and want to help your area but do not want to pay more than you do already. No problem, we have created a bespoke offer as part of the GVS for you:

£10pm for 40Mbps download and 10Mbps upload, minimum 12 month contract.

When registering your interest please select the lowest available package of 100Mbps. We will then be contacting everyone who registers in your village to confirm which package is required. This is so that we can let DCMS know upon applying for the rural gigabit vouchers, what service you are taking.  

Lightning Fibre Benefits, Full Fibre vs Copper Fibre

  • Less stress – broadband works when you need it (all weathers).
  • More time for yourself to do more – exponentially faster in upload and download.
  • Increases the value and saleability of your home – one of the major issues with rural properties around UK when it comes to selling is poor broadband connectivity. Our Full Fibre symmetric speeds will provide for you today and into the foreseeable future (with no more digging).

Timeframes and what’s involved?

  • Assuming we attain sufficient registrations of interest via this form, we'll be able to apply to DCMS to attain the rural gigabit vouchers. We’re targeting starting asap and it’s possible you’re online before Christmas.
  • Lightning Fibre will deploy a small cabinet (smaller what you have with BT currently) and bury a small 8mm duct to each property who registers with us thereby allowing your property to be installed and ultimately connected to hyperfast and hyper reliable Full Fibre broadband.  

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