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Lightning Fibre Network Rollout

To begin our rollout, we are introducing the Lightning Fibre Hyperfast, Full Fibre Broadband network to areas of highest registrations of interest first.
The more registrations of interest received, will directly impact on our rollout programme – meaning the more homes and properties in your area that register their interest on our website, the higher in priority your area shall become on the Lightning Fibre rollout programme and the faster you’ll be receiving our full fibre, gigabit symmetrical internet service!
Lightning Fibre will provide updates once enough registrations of interest have been received. You can like and follow us on our Facebook page to receive further updates. Remember for every expression of interest currently received  we are donating £1 to Wyntercon.
Spread the word and stay tuned… it’s getting exciting!



Note: Once enough registrations of interest have been received, Lightning Fibre will produce an update to the blank map below, showing our roll-out plans. Rest assured we are coming to the whole of Eastbourne.


Be one of the first to have Lightning Fibre connected to your property

Register your interest and we’ll be in touch before our Hyperfast Full Fibre network comes to your street. Prepare to light up your home by being the first to have up to 1,000 Mbps download and upload speeds!

If your not part of Phase 1, register your interest now and tell us where you are so we can target your street next. The more registrations we have for your locality the higher priority you’ll be given for the next phase.