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COVID-19 Installation Procedure

Pre-Install Day Call
1st Covid-19 checks: 

1.    Do you or anyone in your property have Covid-19 or Flu symptoms. 

a.    Yes = Rebook. 

2.    Are you or anyone in your property ina High-Risk Group?

a.    Yes = Are you happy to isolate said person(s) in another area of the house during the installation?

                                              i.     Yes = Proceed.

                                             ii.     No = Rebook.

b.    No = Proceed. 

3.    All internal doors which the engineer needs access through, are to remain open throughout install, this is to minimise engineer contact at the property. 

Non-Covid Reminder: 

1.    Customers are to ensure either themselves, or an authorised person over the age of 18 is present during theInstallation. Authority is required for the cable routing and modem positioning. We recommend having a person who knows the Wi-Fi location habits as to ensure a Lightning Service. 


Installation Day

1.    Engineer checks and logs temperature a tthe start of the day to ensure no fever is present and flu like symptoms.

2.    Engineer comes prepared with all the appropriate personal protective equipment, including mask and hand sanitiser. 

3.    You will receive a call in the morning confirming your appointment and giving an expected time of arrival.

4.    Engineer provides ID and introduces themselves.

5.    Questions the install engineer will ask you: 

a.    Where would you like the modem and Wi-Fi router to be located. 

b.    Which areas in your home do you use the Wi-Fi currently. 

c.     The Engineer will then look to discuss and agree with you:

                                              i.     The cable routing from the LF fibre pot to your home.

                                             ii.     No work will be undertaken without agreement.  

d.    Whilst the Engineer will advise on the most practical and economical route, if at any stage there are non-standard install elements, due to either customer direction or practicalities, then the customer will need to agree additional charges before the installation takes place. Non-standard install elements are: 

                                              i.     Additional hard dig (paving/mono block/slabs/tarmac/concrete) greater than standard 5m allowance.

                                             ii.     Additional soft dig greater than the standard 50m allowance. 

                                            iii.     Internal cabling greater than the standard 3m from the entry point allowance to the modem.

                                           iv.     External fibre cable entry point on the 3rd floor or higher (i.e. GL, 1st, 2nd).

5.    Once the Fibre routing and equipment location’s agreed, the installation can start and, inmost cases, will take around 2 hours to complete.

6.    Once you’re fully fibred up and installed, the Lightning Fibre network team will get to work activating your service.

7.    Now you're live! Now the Engineer will perform testing to confirm you're getting the correct speeds and walk you through your setup including Wi-Fi.

8.    Once live and demonstrated the Engineer will run through the post installation form. The form acts as a final checklist to ensure both our own and your own expectations have been met. This also presents the opportunity to ask any final questions before the engineer wishes you well and calls in that the installation was a success.