1,000 Mb/s Internet Service

What is 1,000 Mb/s?

1,000 megabits per second (Mbps) is the same as 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). This reflects your bandwidth capacity, otherwise known as your connectivity speeds.

Why do I need that much speed for my Internet connection?

Today the average consumer has multiple devices tied to one Internet connection in their home. The more devices connected to your Internet connection, the more overall speed (upload/download) you need to support them, and not only have they exploded in numbers in the last few years, but they are predicted to increase further still.

Demands on those speeds are also starting to grow beyond what most internet connections can handle today, such as the BBC hosting the 2018 world cup in 4K via iPlayer – this needs a stable 40Mb/s download speed just for one TV. The average Eastbourne download speed for “Superfast Fibre AKA Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) is 31.8Mb/s**, which means you won’t be able to stream one TV in 4K (UHD) via iPlayer for the 2018 world cup. More and more users are; backing up their files online, working from home using remote systems and use of teleconferencing on a regular basis. This requires use of your upload speed. Eastbournes’ average upload speeds for Fibre (FTTC) is 8.2Mb/s**. To see the amazing differences in speed and time you can get with Lightning Fibres’ 1,000Mb/s service please see the table graphic below.

Lightning Fibres’ unique service gives you the ability to:

  • Handle todays demands with ease, as well as the demands of tomorrow.
  • Stream films and TV in the highest quality possible, download videos, games, upload photos/files and video call with virtually no buffering or waiting and on multiple devices at the once.
  • Play games online knowing you have the fastest Internet speed available in Eastbourne.
  • Work from home with the greatest efficiency and reliability you can get from a home Internet connection.
  • All of this, at the same time, on the same Internet connection

This is how Lightning Fibres’ speed compares with Eastbournes’ current average speeds:

*https://labs.thinkbroadband.com/local/index.php?area=E14000684 – ADSL Q1 2018 – 6.1Mb Download / 0.6Mb Up
**https://labs.thinkbroadband.com/local/index.php?area=E14000684 – FTTC Q1 2018 – 31.7Mb Download / 8.2Mb Up
***Photos are taken on a phone camera at 4K quality.
****Based upon using iOS HVEC compression.

I already have fibre, right – No…?

We’re point to point (P2P-FTTP) full fibre which is the best in class and faster than the rest, not:

  • Standard broadband (ADSL),
  • Partial fibre (FTTC) which suffers from electrical interference and distance degradation, is slower and less reliable (what we have currently),
  • Passive optical full fibre (GPON-FTTP) which is vulnerable to illegal interception and has been known to suffer with contention issues as well as being asymmetrical (not 1Gb upload and 1Gb download symmetrical).

*We provide the materials, you install. Available for Overground and Underground options only.

**Q1 2018 https://labs.thinkbroadband.com/local/eastbourne,E07000061

***Q1 2018 https://labs.thinkbroadband.com/local/uk

Who owns the Lightning Fibre Network?

Unlike everyone else who effectively resell BT broadband rebadged, we own, operate and maintain our own network. Which means changing provider won’t necessarily mean you get a different connection and thus speed. Stop settling for less, join us and indirectly support your community.

Will there be price increases?

No, unlike other providers we do not increase our rates on a yearly basis. During the course of your contract your price will be locked, and we won’t be shooting the prices up once your out of contract either.

Are there any data caps or restrictions?

It’s unlimited and there are no caps on the amount of data you can use, however we have a basic acceptable use policy.

What functionality does the router have?

The router has the latest technology containing:

  • 11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi standards, capable of supporting speeds up to 1 Gb/s on ac.
  • USB socket for cloud storage or a network printer.
  • Low power consumption with a UPS to enable the router to keep functioning during a power cut for a minimum of 1 hour. This is set by Ofcom to enable a wired landline phone to function.
  • Four 1Gb/s Ethernet LAN connections.
  • 2 POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) – means you can still use your old phone over your VOIP service.

Will my information be shared with third parties?

Lightning Fibre makes every effort to keep its network and user information secure including having cyber security specialists undertake reviews of our systems. Lightning Fibre will not share or sell your personal information, nor will we track your online activity or behaviour for the purpose of sharing it with or selling it to any companies or organisations outside of Lightning Fibre.

Telephone Landline / VOIP Service

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for, Voice Over Internet Protocol.

What does that mean?

Basically, unlike traditional telephone landlines which are analogue, VOIP is digital.

So what does that mean?

It’s higher quality with crystal clear phone calls, rich in features and capabilities.

Do you offer a telephone landline service?

Yes we offer a VOIP telephone service, which is provided by either our selected high quality VOIP provider or you can opt for an alternative supplier or indeed no telephone at all. The flexibility and choice is yours!

Lightning Fibres’ recommended VOIP provider (click here), provides a superior service, where they will handle the switch and number transfer process for you, along with providing you with free dual telephone handsets for new sign ups on their premium package.

Sign up with our select VOIP provider to receive:

  • A feature rich and inclusive service. You’ll be able to use all the features you can currently get with your current standard provider along with some additional features such as voicemail to your e-mail.
  • Flexible as:
    • You’ll be able to take your landline out with your mobile, via an APP.
    • You can have a fresh brand-new Eastbourne number (or another) for free. Certain custom numbers or porting your existing number will incur a nominal charge.
  • Affordable as:
    • You’ll get all the features free of charge,
    • There’s no long contract i.e. rolling monthly contract,
    • You can call abroad at very good rates or even get unlimited calls within the package for an additional nominal monthly charge.

You are not anchored to one VOIP provider, as you currently experience with your traditional landline. There are other services available including a free to receive calls – pay as you go service via SipGate – however from our experience their customer service and features aren’t as good and comprehensive as Vonage. We only want the best for our customers.

Lightning Fibres’ recommendation is based upon our research, experience and testing. We want to make sure our customers attain the highest possible service, at a competitive price.

How is my current landline different to VOIP in terms of setup?

Your current telephone setup connects via the master socket which is shared with your current broadband router. Lightning Fibre is similar except it’s over our full fibre network. The old master socket which connects to the rest of your home phone sockets, can be modified on install if requested, to connect directly to the router POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) connection. This means that you can continue to plug your old telephones in another slave socket, located somewhere else in the pre-existing home circuit. Alternatively, you can upgrade your phones to VOIP phones and enjoy an improved sound quality.

Our recommended supplier offers free VOIP phones on certain packages.

I’ve heard or read elsewhere that 999 do not accept VOIP calls or know my location when calling via VOIP is that true?

No. Our recommended VOIP provider registers your address and VOIP number with the emergency services.


What payment types do you accept?

To begin with we only accept direct debit via GoCardless due to reliability and fees being less than those associated with card payments. If the demand is there we may accept card payments in the future, if you’d rather pay by card please let us know.

How will I receive my bills?

Bills will be received within your “my account” section where you’ll also be able to download them as a PDF. Your bill will also be e-mailed to you.

Switch Process

I want to switch to you ASAP, what do I need to do?

To ensure you have services running through the switch process, we strongly recommend that customers keep their current services live until we have enabled your Lightning Fibre service and if your getting a VOIP service and are porting/transferring your existing number, VOIP too!

As soon as you begin porting your existing landline number across, your broadband and telephone services may be cut off and cancelled. To avoid this and to continue service during the switch, our VOIP provider will offer you a new number which can be overwritten with your existing number at a later date.

Is there help available?

During the switch process, if your stuck and/or confused please give us a call and we’d be glad to help.

If your stuck on just a VOIP question, please give our recommended VOIP provider a call via the Lightning Fibre VOIP page. Their dedicated service team are at hand to explain and help.


Placed my order how long until I get an installation date?

We’ll call within 48 hours of your order, on the number provided to arrange a date for installation – we’ll try to bundle installs within the same street(s), but ultimately, we’ll install as soon as possible and at a date of your convenience. We’ll e-mail confirmation following agreeing a date during the call.

How will my installation take place?

Depends on how your property is currently served by your existing service, i.e. you may be fed by a street pole, over ground cable or completely buried underground. For the free installation we will either;

  • Install directly into to your property via the street pole,


  • Come up from a fibre pot at the outer edge of your property, on the public highway and fix the fibre against a wall until it reaches into your property at a chosen location. All installs will need to be discussed with you on the day with the engineer and signed off prior to works being undertaken, this is to ensure your happy.

Installation in most cases will take up to half a day.

Should you wish, you have the option to self-install yourself and to completely bury the service all the way to the property. We can provide this via a sub-contractor but depending on the ground type, and distance this can be costly. We provide all the fibre install materials for your install for free with up to 50m of fibre cable.

Any questions please contact us via the contact page.

Do I need to be home for the install?

We require that an adult of at least 18 years of age be at property for the service installation, this is because we need to access inside the property.

The adult present on the day needs to be able to make decisions regarding the placement locations of the; cable outlet, the router and anything else related to customising your installation process. This individual will have to instruct and sign off works prior to them beginning.

Self Installations

Self installs are only available on over ground and buried install types.

Self installs are not available on street pole connected properties or if your in a block of flats/apartments/HMOs.

Self installs can be undertaken by yourself or a self appointed contractor to undertake you installations. Lightning Fibre will support you by providing the materials required and a guide/manual to undertake the work safely and to a good standard. You’ll only need basic digging/drilling/screwing and fixing DIY skills to undertake a self install.

Self installs are for digging and laying, or fixing fibre cabling from the edge of your property to the inside to the desired location of the router. Once this has been done, you’ll test and activate your router where you’ll then be online. If in doubt you can call Lightning Fibre and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have prior to undertaking your install.

Self installs have been undertaken within other full fibre UK internet providers and it has been shown to be incredible rewarding for the installer, an activity to share and remember and one which especially early on with high demand gets your service online quicker.

Network Build

Phase 1 says your coming to my street, I want it, however I am already in a contract with another provider, can I still get it installed for free?

If your sure you’re in contract, you may be able to leave it early if your;

  • Receiving less than your contractual guaranteed minimum speed


  • Had a price increase during the contract term


  • Your unhappy with your current service, in which case tell them you want to leave. If they value your custom they may let you leave.


  • Maybe you’ve just begun a new service but regret it? You’ll be in a cool off period where you can leave, ring up and ask to leave.


  • Alternatively, you can buy yourself out the contract – Ofcom recently ruled against Virgin for making people pay excessive early termination charges which stifled people moving provider whilst in contract. You don’t have to accept paying full price to leave.

If you’re not able to leave your contract but it’s coming to an end in the next 12 months, contact us and we’ll get you setup ready, all you’ll need to do is fill in a service order form which will act a conditional contract agreeing your intention to join and subscribe to the Lightning Fibre service.

Contact us via the contact page for more information.

I'm not in Phase 1, when are you coming to me?

Our rollout is demand driven, if you want us to come to you sooner tell us and fill in one of our “register your interest” page and service order forms which is a conditional contract agreeing your intention to join and subscribe to the Lightning Fibre service once we’re there. Spread the word, share the form and we’ll get there sooner.

For those who have filled in a service form, we’ll be in touch to confirm when your then contract comes to an end and also to confirm when your switch on will be.

Do you have a dedicated project team for the build?

Yes, their job is to role out the build as smoothly as possible and to the quality expected. We’ll be liaising with the local and county councils on the planned and actual rollout and communities temporarily affected for the actual rollout.

We’ll keep the community at large posted of our developments via our community stakeholder officer and local media channels.

Ask a question

If your question is not listed, please contact us via the contact page and we’ll address any questions you may have.